Taking to Facebook, Sikdar shared a 4-year-old memory of release of Irrfan’s 2017 film Qarib Qarib Singlle, and with it a note recalling what she felt to be the “flood gate of memories” that keeps her up at nights.

She complements her post with a Sahir Ludhianvi line, “Tum Hote Toh Yeh Hota [How would things be if you were here]”, and revealed how Irrfan always wanted to recite this poetry anywhere at least once in his lifetime.

She recalled how Irrfan venerated Amitabh Bachchan’s delivery of the same lines in 1981’s Silsila, when the couple had their time together at the National School of Drama.

“Irrfan in those late-night conversations would say ‘yaar mujhe bolna tha yeh ekbaar [I wish I said these lines once)’.”

She went on, “…but some journeys abruptly stop and leave you Qareeb Qareeb Single.”

She concluded the note adding, “Kuch log itne qareeb hote hain Ki unke bina bhi Woh zindagi mein qareeb hi rehte hain [Some people are so close to us that even when they are not there anymore we still feel them close].”

After a prolonged battle with a deadly neuroendocrine tumour, Irrfan bade his final adieu in April 2020.